CEREPS’ research projects are often interdisciplinary structured with a focus on sport pedagogy, psychology and sociology and other disciplines of sport sciences.


The most important item of CEREPS’ activity is research. Research studies cover formal and informal topics and items as a body of knowledge of physical education and school sports. Target groups of our research activity are pupils, parents, PE teachers, school principals, local authorities, and local, regional and federal bodies of government with policy making in education, health, and sports.

On a European level, CEREPS serves as a stakeholder of excellence for certain professional, scientific and political partners and as a knowledge centre for research in monitoring, intervention and commissioned studies in the sectors of education, sport and health.

Research projects of CEREPS are often interdisciplinary structured and have been granted by different programme lines of the European Commission (Erasmus+), by national research institutes and university departments with a focus on sport pedagogy, sport psychology and sport sociology and other disciplines of sport sciences.

Our studies of research vary between cross-sectional, longitudinal and comparative designs. As a part of our work in collaboration with different partners CEREPS implement and evaluate outcome of applied and commissioned studies at national and international multiplier events.