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Scheuer, C. & Naul, R. (2018). The vision and mission of CEREPS, a European Council of Research in Physical Education and Physical Activity. In C. Scheuer, A. Bund & M. Holzweg (Eds.). Changes in childhood and adolescence .Current challenges for physical education (pp.64-66). Berlin: Logos


Naul, R. & Scheuer, C. (2020) (Eds.). Research on Physical Education and School Sport in Europe. Aachen: Meyer & Meyer (549 pages) (CEREPS vol. 1, Proceedings of the 1st and 2nd. CEREPS Summit).

Fialova, L. & Naul, R. (2020). CEREPS Summit in Prague with the topic “Quality Criteria and Outcome Standards for Physical Education and School Sport”. AUC Kinanthropologica, 56 (1), 5-6. (Introduction to the Proceedings of the 4th Summit, (CEREPS vol. 3, six articles of the journal issue with in total 61 pages). Online: http://kinan_56_1.pdf