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In this Erasmus+ Project CEREPS is an associated partner (01.01.2022 – 30.6.2024). Click here for more Erasmus+ (europa.eu)

In the project “QualiTePe”, a common understanding of high-quality physical education is to be agreed on and the QualiTePE framework is to be developed, which determines and describes the central teaching dimensions and characteristics in the field of physical education.

 However, the question of what can be described as high-quality physical education depends to a large extent on the educational objectives and subject-didactic concepts pursued in the field of physical education in the national contexts.

For this purpose, a Delphi survey will be initiated with university lecturers from the ten partner countries. This is based on existing overview papers (e.g. for the German-speaking language area: Herrmann & Gerlach, 2020; Herrmann, Gogoll & Gerlach, 2020) and empirical studies (e.g. Herrmann, 2019; Heemsoth & Krieger, 2019), as well as the curricula and teaching materials of the universities responsible for teacher education in the partner countries.

The QualiTePE framework to be developed can then form the basis for teacher education in the European partner countries and thus contribute to a standardisation and improvement of quality. (Erasmus+ Topic: Pedagogy and Didactics)

In this Erasmus+ Project CEREPS is a full partner (01.05-2022- 01.11-2024)

Non-formal and informal Physical Education (PE) have holistic benefits for all in the physical, social and cognitive domains. Therefore, adequate educational programs for educators active in non-formal settings and coaches active in informal settings in sport clubs (initial education; CPD/in-service education) preparing for the delivery of quality PE (QPE) are of highest importance.

The project partners recognise that one issue for respective curriculum formulation on a bachelor and/or master level is what constitutes a PE educator and a coach, the relationship between these roles within different European education systems, and potential points of connection. Therefore, an inclusive approach needs to be taken, and current diverse European-wide practices need to be taken into account.

In consequence, the project partners are seeking for a general approach focusing on the education and training of PE educators and coaches, allowing an adaptation to national/regional contexts and/or different phases of education and training (initial education; CPD/inservice education).

Because of the diverse accreditation practices of well-established and legally constituted national frameworks across Europe, the need for flexibility in the provision of educational programs has to be recognized.

Two more applications have been submitted to the Erasmus+ Programme with full partnership of CEREPS in spring 2022

Currently, the website of the EduPASS project was launched under www.edupass-project.eu