Executive Board

On the occasion of the 6th CEREPS Summit from 3rd to 6th October 2021 in Bratislava, Slovakia, on the subject of “Quality Physical Education during Corona Crisis – Visions for the Future”, elections were held for the organization’s coming term of office.

President: Claude Scheuer, University of Luxembourg

Vice-President: Uwe Pühse, University of Basel

General Secretary: Dana Masarykova, University of Trnava

Director for Research: Fiona Chambers, University College of Cork

Director for Publications: Francis Ries, University of Seville

Director for Management and Administration: Roland Naul, Willibald Gebhardt Research Institute, Münster

Cereps Executive Board

This photograph shows the new board from left to right: Francis Ries (University of Seville, Spain, Director for Publications), Dana Masarykova (University of Trnava, Slovakia, General Secretary), Claude Scheuer (University of Luxembourg, President), Uwe Pühse (University of Basel, Switzerland, Vice-President), Fiona Chambers (University College, Cork, Ireland, Director of Research) and Roland Naul (Willibald Gebhardt Institute e.V., University of Muenster, Germany, Director of Management and Administration).