CEREPS is a research council working together with national physical education (PE) and sport institutions and European umbrella organisations in PE and youth sports.

What is CEREPS

We already served for our members as a major address for research applications and development across Europe in the capacity of a stock exchange of research items during our seven CEREPS Summits since 2016.

The range of our body of knowledge with related research items covers four main settings of physical activity at school where also network partnerships exist between local community authorities in public sectors of education, health, social work and sport. Our cross-sectoral partnerships in research include also sport organizations from local, regional, national up to EU-level.

There are two curricular settings: active learning with physical activities in different school subjects like languages, mathematic, natural sciences a.o. (ACLE). Another important setting is the curricular subject of physical education including school sport (PESS), in some countries as a traditional or as a new part of the physical education lessons.

There are also two extra-curricular settings at school: physical activity between lessons and as a part of regular breaks in school-life, both in so called recess-time at school (PARE) where school sports are also included in some EU-countries. Another setting with gains more and more attention across Europe via new school laws and new school reforms is the after-school programme (ASPO) with a variety of sports and physical activities, often organized by the school with support of local partners, mainly from the sport and health sector.

CEREPS works as a European-based council to enhance research on and networking for these two curricular and extra-curricular settings for active living of children and adolescents. CEREPS mission is to promote via research-based documents and our publications the development of age and gender related good competencies in fundamental motor skills with psycho-social qualities and cognitive benefits as a holistic approach of a well-rounded individual with basic life skills (Scheuer & Naul, 2018).

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